How to delete user and prevent access to public folder?

So I’ve dumped photos in the public folder and added an additional user to allow my friend to view the photos on the WD2GO and WD Photo apps on his iphone. Now my other NAS is playing up and I need to transfer all my personal files to my WD Live. That goes without saying I need to delete that additional user to prevent him access to my files.

I’ve tried deleting the user in the WebGUI but he can still see the files in the apps. Deleted his profile in the remote access. No luck. Renamed the device. No luck. He can still hit ‘Connect Now’ on the app and see new photos that I’ve added after I’ve deleted his profile.

Not sure if there’s a delay for the user to be deleted.

Would a factory restore do the trick? It’ll cost me all my data and it’ll be a hassle to transfer them elsewhere first before resetting the unit.

Did you deleted the user or the mobile device from the list?

Go to Mobile Access on the MY Book Live dashboard and delete the mobile device you want to remove.

Please see the user manual for more information: