How to 'delete' the My Cloud account?

I had the WD My Book Live NAS for one year and had no problems with security there. I now have the WD My Cloud and was wondering how secure the My Cloud account is.

To me it looks like that if someone uses my email address and finds my password he could get access to all my shares on my My Cloud NAS. This was not possible with the MBL NAS I believe.

Just to be sure I would like to completely delete the WD MY Cloud account (this is an account at WD, so not on my NAS). Is there a way to do this? Has anyone done this before and knows what the consequences are then?

Thanx for any help,


You just need to delete the remote access set up for that user, you can also modify the user rights on the My Cloud (that changes local and remote access), or, a bit safer, to delete the user on the NAS entirely, and/or, to be completely safe, to disable remote access on the NAS.

Etupes, thanks for replying. However, I want to maintain access to the NAS using my apps. Therefore remote access has to be enabled. At least that is what I understand. I just don’ t want to allow access to my NAS through a website. This was the situation I had with my MBL.
So in “simple” words: I only allow registered apps (which can only be registered within the network) to access my My Cloud from outside my network. I do not allow remote access through a web browser. How can I achieve this?