How to delete some data on WD my book



I recently bought a my book 1TB and by accident I backed up some files I actually didn’t want to backup on my book. The problem is that now I don’t know how to erase only that data without having to erase all of it.

I would really appreciate the help! 


Hi -

I’m no where an expert with the software on these things, but what I’ve found to work for me (I’m using a my book elite) is to go into the drive via computer and navigate to the files you don’t want on there and delete manually. For me, they are in a folder called WD SmartWare.swstor >> my pc >> volume >> and navigate. It’s the only way I can find to remove them from the hard drive itself.

I have not yet figured out a way to prevent those files from being copied over though. I’m thinking I may just delete the software and use something else that is more manageable.



Smartware uses it’s own method to back things up.



Pick and choose what you want and don’t want backed up via the exclusion tab et. al.

As for deleting, I use the same method as i do on windows “C” drive; I just open that drive via  “COMPUER” on my laptop, navigate to the my book drive, in my case H:  and right click to delete the files i don’t need any longer.

It works the same -for me- whether i connect via usb or shareport.

I just can’t get mine to connect via E-sata !


Thank you all for the tips, I guess I found no other solution than erasing manually, I still find it unbelievable that such technology doesnt even have a “select and delete” option…