How to delete movie thumbnails etc

Hi I’ve just got the wdtv live hub and have started to play with thumbgen, generating jpgs and xmls to show cover art, info and backgrounds for movies in the gallery view. However after making a couple of initial errors (and trusting thumbgen to do its job too well) I’ve ended up with a few movie covers etc that I’d like to scrap and replace. However despite what I do I cannot seem to replace the images with the ones I want? I read somewhere that my images make little difference after the first build of the media library as copies of them are stored on a hidden partition that I cannot access. Is this the case? If so, can I not delete the stored info and start again? Any info here would be great as the current Russian versions of the of my cover art (thanks thumbgen!) are really not working for me, never mind my 4 year old daughter who has her film collection on there. And yes I’ve done the ‘clear media info’ thing in the settings and done more restarts than I care to remember. Also, can anyone point me in the right direction to find out what files and file names drive the mocchi interface I.e. if I put a jpg in my folder, named as per my film, is seems to pick this up as the cover art, so can I put other files into different locations to show art in the background, on folders, on categories etc? A nice concise list of file naming conventions and their respective locations (along with their effect on the interface) would be invaluable to not only me but others I’m sure. Any guys, like I said, any info would be much appreciated. Thanks

Since none of the experts have responded, I’ll give it a try.

First, I would think that you could simply redo them in ThumbGen. The new ones will overwrite the thumbs you don’t want. Just make sure you use the Manual mode so you can choose the picture. I’ve done it many times and don’t have a problem replacing unwanted thumbs. Maybe you might need to power off the Hub and let it rebuild, though for thumbs, that has never been necessary for me-folders yes, thumbs, no. I don’t know why you’re getting Russian versions. What database did you choose to get your pics from?

To delete them manually, you need to acess your hub through WIndows Explore or Mac Finder, whatever you use. Those files aren’t hidden so you should be able to see them and delete them. The hard part is mapping the Hub to be seen in Explore/Finder. Search the forum and you’ll find plenty of help doing that.

Thanks cosber Actually after doing some digging there is a hidden folder at the root of the wdtv live hub called .wd_tv. Inside here there is a thumbs folder. Inside there is a directory structure that mirrors that of the real structure that is visible I.e. media library>blurays etc. what the hub does is this, the first time you access a menu layout that would call upon a thumbnail it check to see if the image is in the real folder with correct name, then it takes a copy of the image, resizes it to the correct size for the currently selected menu and created a .thumb file inside the hidden folder to represent that image. Future visit to the particular menu then call this thumb file instead of you image hence the fact that I’ve been able to remove my cover art entirely yet still see images in the menus. You see various versions of this image such as avatar.thumb_150x175, avatar.thumb_175x200 or similar in there. These are the different, resized thumbs that re stored for that movie for use in the various menu layouts. I’ve found that to fully employ a new image I first have to delete the relevant thumb files and then the wdtv live hub will recreate them using my new cover art. I’ve just start experimenting with folder images and whether I can show backgrounds at folder level. Like I said before, is there not a list of e various images that have been programmed to effect the interface, with details of how to use them and their actually effect? Seem basic stuff really, someone could compile the list in about 10mins Im sure. Hope what I’ve found so far helps others. Cheers

This is where I’m confused with your problem. I use custom themes. One thing I hate is the file names with extensions show as titles and the only way to get rid of them is to do “Get Info”, which replaces the custom thumbs. I did a test getting the info to replace the file name with the proper title. Then I copied the custom thumb back to the main content folder with the movie and xml files. The custom thumb appeared immediately, so I don’t see why you have to delete the thumbs in the hidden folder to get yours to show. Is it that “read only” issue that some people have been talking about with the new upgrade?