How to delete backups from My Book Studio

Hi there WD :blush:

I’m using a MacBook Air (OS 10.11.6), and I have a “My Book Studio External Hard Drive 3T”.

I want to delete some files on my external HD, but when I go through Finder, and navigate through the folders, I can’t delete any files that I don’t need anymore, and also can’t delete old unneeded backups.

** I never used “My Book Studio” on windows OS.
** I’m not using the WD apps like smartware, etc…

Please help me WD experts.
Thank you,


Are you using any specific backup software? or the files were backed up manually copy and paste?

I’m using “Time Machine” to back up my docs from time to time.


Time Machine can remove old backups on its own. You can select the option for notification by navigating through Time Machine interface.