How to delete backup of pc no longer owned from WD SmartWare.swstor

Running out of space on my 2TB Passport. I use Smart Ware to back up weekly and like it.One of the backups is for a laptop I no longer have. I was using Window 7 Explorer to look at my drive.  Under the folder WD SmartWare.swstor folder was a sub folder with the “machine id” of the old PC. Right clicking to delete  it gathered up  25.6GB, then asked for administrator password.  I gave the password of my current pc. It did something and after about another 10 minutes said ‘access denied’ did I want it to try again. I said yes and never got the chance to enter another. So it failed.

Do I have to enter the adminstrator password (I change every 90 days) that was in effect during its last backup? no idea what that was at the time. …

How can I get rid of the space consumed by this old backup?   I just want to force it out 

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Try taking ownership of the folder by following the information on  this link. If that doesn’t work, instead of making the owner your user, change the owner to “Everyone” and try to delete it again.