How to delete a Share in DL2100

Sounds simple to do. but I was exploring the Apps for the NAS and clicked on P2P to see what was in that section, and later noticed a P2P Share (along with some folders inside) had been added to my NAS. So, I won’t use P2P and don’t want it in the list. I tried to delete it from the display of other shares, and there seems no way to do it; no delete choice is shown.

Did you try deleting the share from within the unit’s admin Dashboard as opposed to the app?

I can see all shares on the DL2100 shares (that are tagged Public) via Windows Explorer. I tried un-tagging Public for this P2P share and it still shows, and I tried to delete it from the Dashboard’s tab for Shares. Problem is, the delete button for this one is greyed out, where as all the other shares the delete button is not greyed out.

BTW, I did not add all these shares; they are from the default setup, and I see I can likely add this new share, but I do not want to because I have not set up any additional shares or users (default of admin works fine for me) Now what?

I got this to work after restoring system from dashboard for another issue (I could not install latest firmware which system restore fixed as well).