How to delete a folder


I have created a new folder on My Book World Edition and would like to know how I can delete this?


Can you be more specific?

Where/with what did you created it?

Thru network share?

In web interface?

In shell ?


I am not sure, I seemed to have inadvertantly created it during the installation and set up.

The folder appears next to the following folders; Public, Download and Configuration.

I may have created it by right clicking and selecting new folder. However, if this was the case I thought I could right click on the unwanted folder and select delete, but I can not do this.


This solution will work:

1.Enable ssh access in webinterface.

  1. Log in with root account using putty or any other similar programm.

  2. Enter:

cd /shares

  1. Enter:

rm -rf foldername-you-want-to-delete

For example if you created folder with name ‘testfolder’, use ‘rm -rf testfolder’