I searched and saw a few posts about this, some with no responses, and some that looked/sounded like a Linux/Unix solution which is a no go for me.

I have a MyCloud EX2 with 2 x 4TB drives, setup as a JBOD… so each drive is it’s own drive. I have it on my media server and one drive is for TV Shows, the other Movies. I have a removeable SATA drive bay on my PC, and it’s all hooked up with ethernet cables not WiFi so my backups are just mirror copies to HDDs that I keep in cases on a shelf.

So far a very good setup. Even if the MyCloud caught fire and melted, I’d still be ok.

That said, after a few years of adding files, deleting, renaming and replacing… it’s probably due for a defrag.

I have the 2 drives mapped to my Win10x64 PC as Y:\ and Z:\ so I can easily backup and add files. But, when I right-click, there’s no tools tab with defrag in it.

So, through Windows… how do I cleanup and defrag? and how’s it not an option under MyCloud Utilities?