How to define password to folders?

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I just got the MyCloud 3To and I created 3 users: me (Admin) and 2 others.

I go to Network (in Windows 8) and I open the myCloud. I have 3 folders + the Public folder + the 2 default folders for saving and all.

I would like to set a password for each of these 3 folders. How can I do? So each computer that will be connected to the network and will see the folders will have to enter a password to be able to enter in the user folder.

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You can’t assign passwords to folders (shares). You can set passwords for users, and then assign the users to the shares,

If I understood well, I can set access of users to selected folders? Like “User 2 will access to folder of user 2 and user 3 but not Admin folder”? But if a new computer is connected to our network, he will see the folders or he will have to connect to a user?

OK I understood. I go into shares and I put Public > No. Then I give acces to the user to complete, read or none.

But now, 2 issues: when I go to the mycloud in windows and I want to open the file of the account I only have access to read, it asks me my username and then password. After that he asks me network password… nothing works. Is it from Windows itself?

2nd issue: I go to my own folder where I have full access but it doesn’t work, it seems I’m not allowed. Lol.


Windows allows each Windows users to have only one set of credentials to access the shares of any given computer. So if you have 2 NAS shares with different access rights, you cannot access on share with one set of username and password, and another share with another set of credentials. Looking at it another way, once you have accessed the NAS once, or mapped a share with a set of credentials, you have to use the same for any other share.

For example, if you have some backup software accessing the share with the NAS admin account, it is most likely that you have to access the shares with the NAS admin account. I say most likely because some software can store the set of crendentials separately (Acronis True Image, for example).

To start clean,

  • shut down any software accessing the NAS,

  • unmapped any share

  • under user account and family safety in the control panel, open the credential manager and delete any stored credential

  • from a command prompt run “net use * /delete”. That should return an empty list

  • reboot the computer

  • choose the set of credentials you want to use, access the share you want/can access, …


Thanks a ton for your answer.

I have read and read again, it’s a bit hard because of English.

Let’s go to my concrete situation and tell me if I understood well:

I have set 3 accounts: benjamin (me), myWife and myFamily.

My goal was to have a personal access to me, my wife to hers, and both of us to the family files.

I have access read and write on share benjamin and share myFamily, but no right of myWife.

Means if I connect to my share through windows, I won’t be able to connect family share, even if I have access read and write?

I did what you said, it allowed me to connect again.

Thanks =)

If you logged in Windows as User A:

  • when you access the NAS the first time, Windows will ask you the credentials for NAS access. Let’s assume you use Benjamin’s credentials. Let’s assume your NAS is called WDMYCLOUD and Benjamin’s username on the NAS is Ben and your password is NASPwd

  • you’d enter WDMYCLOUD\Ben as the username, and NASPwd as the password.

  • at this point you have access to Ben’s share and the family share, but not to your wife.

  • if you try to open your wife’s share, Windows will ask you for credentials, but no credential will let you through, because you already have accessed the NAS with Ben’s NAS credentials (so your wife’s credentials won’t work), and because you have no rights to your wife’s share (so Ben’s credentials won’t work)

  • if your wife comes in, stays as User A in Windows, and tries to open her share, it won’t work because Windows User A ahs already accessed the NAS with Ben’s credentials

If your wife logs in Windows as User B, she can use her NAS credentials to access the NAS. As you have set it up, she would be able to access her share and the family share.

I hope this makes sense!

It makes perfectly sense! =) thanks a lot

It’s just a bit stupid from a first point of view (but may be, security speaking, it’s not?)

Something else:

I saw only yesterday that if I go to Users I can see, if I click on an user “Share access” and if I go to Shares, I can see, when I click on a share, “User access”…

It should be very simple but I get confused, what’s the difference?

Edit: May be it means that I can create a folder at the same level than “benjamin” and “myWife”, without creating a user, and then give permissions to the users? 

Edit 2: ok, I understood, it’s exactly that. Thank you guys =) =)