How to create playlist

I have many songs placed in folders. How can I tell it to create a playlist of the all the songs in all folders? Or can I select specific folders and tell it to create a playlist of all songs therein? Thank you.

You have to make a playlist the player cannot do it. Once you have made a playlist then you can select and play it using the player.

Try the free program below.

Any recommendations for Mac.  I have my files on a MyBook Live. Looking for a simple playlist app that can I can use for playback through a WD TV Live.

Playlists for the WDTV are easily made with iTunes; especially if your iTunes Media folder is also copied to your WDTV attached drive and you play music from that drive.

If you also have an iPhone, iTouch or iPad, (and even Android devices) see this. . . .

If you have not seen the recent post I left in the Live/Live Plus forum, you are invited to see it here:

Twonky Beam app is awesome for WDTV, Roku, etc. - Western