How to create my own Diashow

I am streaming the pictures on MyCloud to my Smart TV. When I open the Photos directory there is also a subdirectory Diashows. Is there any way to create my own diashow in that subdirectoy?

Hi there,

In order to better assist you , could you provide more information on this? The Diashows sub directory has to do with he unit ?

there are lots of pictures stored on the WDMycloud that is connected to my Router. I want to show a selection of pictures on my tv.
For that purpose i am using a WD TV Live HD Media Player that is also connected to the router.
To show my pictures i select: Fotos/WDMyCloud/ and then get a menu of the following topics to choose from:
All Photos
By Date
By Folder
Personal rating

After choosing slideshows the following 3 topics appear:
Most Viewed
Last Viewed
Recently Added

Now my question: How can i add one or more own slideshows to those topics?
Or is there any other way to store several individual slideshows on WDMyCloud?

This is an issue with the WDTV Live, not the MyCloud. You’d be better off asking on the WDTV live forum.

ps. Those slideshows are almost certainly ‘virtual slideshows’, based on the image metadata, and will be created by the WDTV Live by searching the images on your NAS. All those categories you list are also based on metadata tags, too.

There is no physical subdirectory for any of these categories; they’re all virtual.

Ok, I understand what you mean, but it is the same story if my tv is connected directly to the router.
What I am looking for is a way of creating diashows on the WDMyCloud that can be shown on any streaming device.
For music this is no problem at all using .m3u file.
It would be very helpful if you had any idea how to do this.