How to Create Folders to Move and Share Photos?

I’m stymied. Have uploaded thousands of photos backed up from PC and Ipad and need to create individual folders to organize then move the photos to. Is this even possible? Seems like such a simple request but I can find ZERO documentation on how to do this. Thanks everyone.

One can use Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder, or a mobile file manager app on their mobile device, to access a My Cloud on the same local network.

@DocDew You can sign into and work with your pictures. You can create folders there too. See example image below of me signed in and I have my Pictures open. At top right you will see the icon for creating a new folder.

Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

Thanks, I got that working but only for single photos. With thousands I’d like to select and move multiple pics at once like I’ve been doing in Windows Explorer for decades. Also now is there any way to enlarge the thumbnails when in File mode? When Tile mode is selected you can’t move them but in File mode the thumbnails is too small to see!
Once again I’m humbled by your collective knowledge and disgusted with WD for not making this easier and more intuitive.

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My experience is that MyCloud is for storage not photo editing or sorting. You are right, there is very little information and no one has attempted to guide you since September. Google photos is free and has many features that will help with what you want to do.You might be better off moving your photos there.