How to create directories?


I’ve just bought a TV Live HUB for my parents and it semms to be a good product for them but i don’t see how to create any directories ?

Indeed, i f copy a directory with somes movies from my Mac i have one in the internal hard drive but, i don’t see how to create a directory directly from the HUB.


You cant. You either copy an existing folder, or mount the share on a PC and create it from there.

Surprising for such a product / price :angry:

Thanks for you answer :wink:

You can’t create directories directly in the device but you can create directories using your computer. If your hub is connected to a router/network, the hub’s hard disk is shared in the network so any computer in the same network can access (read and write)  the hub’s hard disk. From there, you can create folders.

Isn’t that the same answer Tony gave 2 weeks ago?

And so what ?

Nemrod wrote:

And so what ?

Because you gave the solution to the second answer.