How to create automatic backups to different shares

I’m trying to set up a backup profile where some of my files are backed-up to one share, and others are backed-up to a different share.  Is there any way to do this using WD software?  It looks like WDsmartware can only have automatic backups to a single share at a time.

If all else files, I’ll map the shares to drives in Windows and then write some scripts, but I’d rather not do it this way.



WD Smartware only allows you to do backups to one share at a time. 


Im new WD My Cloud user and I tried to do a backup a sa test. In manual I have written that it is possible to create Safe point and backup only some, slected shares. How I can do it ? Program has not given me such option - just created new safepoint and it started work shwoing % progress but as I had only 16GB USB connected at back of NAS I stopped this operation.

So how I can backup only selected shares or some users content only ?