How to create a raid 1 without losing data

The SWITCH option didn’t help. I need to use existing drives and I have no space to put the data in order to format the drives into the RAID 1. If I purchase new drives it defeats the purpose of getting a diskless NAS to use my existing drives.

This is THE WORST documentation I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen A LOT. I’ve been working in computers since 1986 when I did Technical Support for Fastback Plus backup utility to floppy disks running in 1mb of ram on DOS 5.0. Yes, I changed the config.sys file to use the DOS=HIGH,UMB to get to the 360kb above the 640kb base memory used by DOS.

Hi @lavesa,

We suggest to back up data before creating raid, the drive will be formatted while raid configuration process.

Please refer below link for raid configuration: How to Upgrade the Drives on a My Cloud Device (RAID Expansion)