How to create a public share with no cloud access?


I’m still struggling with configuration of my MCM. Before I bought MCM I thought it should be pretty easy to setup, but I was wrong.

I need a simple configuration with only two shares; both should have public access for local network users. And the tricky part, that only one share should be accessible via cloud, it means that the second share should not be accessible outside of the local network under no circumstances.

Share1: public for local network, accessible via cloud

Share2: public for local network, NOT accessible via cloud

So far I created a user (USER1) for cloud access that have access to public share, and have no access to private share of another user (USER2). The problem with this configuration is that in order to access private share (with no access via cloud) I need to enter login and password of USER2 every time after computer reboots. Another problem is that USER2 could login with WD MyCloud application on smartphone while in my Wi-Fi network and get access via cloud to Share2.

Any suggestions? Did I overlook something really simple in configuration?

If I understand what you are trying to do correctly, then I don’t think you can do it.

The cloud access is basically just allowing the user to remotely access the MCM, and after that of course by nature any public access share will be accessible to them, as it’s accessible to anyone who can access the MCM. There is no switch/flag to allow or disallow access via the cloud on a per-share basis, aside from the normal user access rights (which don’t come into play for a public share anyway).

Essentially the cloud part can be thought of as separate to the share part. The cloud part is just the access to the device itself (so your total group “at the front door” will be your local network users plus any connected via the cloud), and after that (once they are “in the front door”) the access privs within the MCM come into play (as in who can access which share), but as your shares are public then anyone who can access the MCM remotely can access anything.

The only way you could do it is to not use public shares but to give each user their own login and assign them the relevant access rights, but then only give cloud access to those users who are appropriate. But of course the downside is that people without log-ins won’t be able to access stuff on the MCM, and they will have to log in each time (unless they store the log-in credentials on the computer, which may or may not be an option or desirable).

But you may also want to raise the idea of making cloud access switchable on a per-share basis in the  Personal Cloud Ideas area of the forum.

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Thanks for pointing to the area of ideas collecting. I’ve posted a suggestion of controlling cloud access on per share basis.

There are two options here (as I see it).

The first method would require two usernames for each person that works both inside and outside the office. There would also have to be two private shares (lets call these shares Office and Cloud - which reflects why sort of access they should have).

Lets also create a user called Bob. Bob should have access to both shares when in the office and ohly the cloud share when out of the office. For this to work, Bob would have to have two usernames - we’ll call them oBob and cBob. oBob can have access to both shares, but no cloud devices. cBob would have access only to the Cloud share and a cloud device. I think this would be cumbersome, but would work in the scenario when you have only a handfull of users.

Your second option is more costly, but makes more sense - add a second MCM. The first MCM would have no cloud access at all. This could house the data that is only accesible from the office. The second device would have cloud access. Each device would have duplicated user names (no more oBob and cBob - he is just Bob). With a username on both devices, he could access both while in the office, but only the cloud access enabled MCM while out of the network.

Let me know what you think of this solution.


I have another idea. You can use WebDAV and activate it for a specific share. So you can disable the Cloud Service.
The disadvantage is that you can’t use the Western digital app for external Access. But There are enough apps which Supports WebDAV Access. Windows and Mac OS Supports This too.