How to create a playlist on My BookLive for streaming to Ps3?

Hello ! I am hoping this is a simple question that may lead me to a playlist freeware creator of some kind. Here is my set up first:

a) My BookLive 1TB connected wirelessly to my Airport Extreme 

b) Ps3 streaming content, also wirelessly

c) PC or Macbook Pro to manage media inside My BookLive

The BookLive + Ps3 set up is working fine (besides the reported issues with Ps3 video streaming playback buffering issues/stuttering but this is another problem).

However here I would like to create a playlist using the media (mp3 mainly) already placed on the Shared Music folder from My BookLive.

I understood a playlist is a M3U type file, which could be added to Shared Music folder i(My BookLive) and that the Ps3 would be able to recognize the media location being the My Book Live itself.

thanks very much for your help!

‘playlist freeware creator’

use ‘relative’ playlists in the options.

Save it to your shared music folder and play away.

thanks for the quick reply. I will try and report back. thanks