How to create a new root level share?

I’m sure it’s right in front of me, I am sorry, could someone please point out how.


Depending upon which version of the MBW you have there are different ways of going about this.

the instruction manuals at the links below should help you out, but if you can clarify if you have a blue ring or white light version, I can assist you further

MBW white light

MBW blue ring

I have the white light.

thanks.  I’ve looked at the the links previously but I will take another look.

Log into the UI.  Click on advanced then Storage tab.  then click on folder shares.  click the green plus at the bottome and creat your root level folder.

I was able to do that much prior to posting however I’m at a loss as to why I am unableto see new folder in ‘my computer’?  thank you for your patience.

If you wish to map to the newly created folder or view it you should be able to launch the discovery tool, and brows network shares.  Can you see the folder now?  If so you can choose map network shares from the discovery utility and then you should see it under computer or My Computer as a mapped network drive.