How to create a link to a file or folder

I need to create links to files and folders on my /Public WD My Book Live Duo Disk.

Is this possible?  How can I do it, please



Porto, Portugal

Sorry, but what do you mean?

“Create links” is too vague.

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Sorry, I want to put a file on My Book Live, and to send a link to this file to another person by mail for example so that the other person can download the file without me having to attach the file to the e-Mail.

Like I do with Dropbox:

You do it via the My Cloud app.

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Thank you for helping me. I can´t find where to do it on the App. This what I see. Can you further help me, please?:

Captura de tela 2013-12-11 11.50.43.png

It’s right there in front of you.   Email.

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Thanks. When I saw Email, I thought: Fine, I will steal here the link.  But… when I clicked there nothing happened.

WD Cloud App is installed on my File server which has no e-Mail Client. I think this was why nothing happened.

Right now copied there a Thunderbird Portable and made it default Client. The link do not work. Here you go with the link


Thanks for you helping me!!

That link works perfectly well here (though I would advise you delete it, as now the whole world will be banging on your NAS downloading that file for internet search engines…)

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Thanks. I just tried it out of my firm network. I will have to move the NAS to the DMZ.

Thank you veryvery much for your help :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


Porto, Portugal