how to create a cron job on the EX4100


I’ve been experiencing for almost a year the problem that the nas disconnects from the network after a couple of hours of non-use. I removed the standby and I put static ip but nothing. I ask you to explain to me how I can create a cron job step by step to ensure that it does not go further. I’m inexperienced on the subject so I have neither the knowledge nor the courage to intervene on a machine that I could break

Thank you


Hi landreatini,

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

The link below will allow you to call support.



Have yu checked out this link ?

Someone has already done an article on how to create a cron job on the EX4100 units. From what you are describing above where the unit “disconnects from the network”, I am wondering if you are having the same issue with your unit as I am with mine. I think there is either some kind of software issue or hardware issue with the unit, that causes it to kernel panic and this results in the unit becoming non-responsive. Long threads on this already (search on EX4100 and unresponsive).

Others with EX4100 units have indicated that they have successfully got them RMAed with WD, so if you are seeing the same issue, it might be worth pursuing that avenue.




hello JediNite, I had already seen the link but I can not physically modify the config because it does not make me change the characters, maybe inexperienced I can not do it myself, if you can tell me a method to do it I would be grateful