How to create a backup from WDMyCloud storage


I have 2 WDMyCloud storage devices. 1 for backing up my systems and the second one to create a mirror backup of the first WDmycloud storage.
When I open the Backup utility I have the options to create the following backup’":
USB backup
External Backup
Internal backup

So I think I have to choose for external backup and create a new task.
So a new screen appears with the following fields.
Task name:
external server: ( I choose for “NAS-server”)
External IP: ( The IP adres of my second WDMycloud storage)
Password: ???
SSH username ( Fixed sshd)
SSH - password
Source drive
target drive

I have enabled the SSH service in the second drive and maintained a password.
But With the above fields I’m not able to create a backup task for my first WDMyCloud storage. I’m also not able to change the SSH username. In the second storage the name is fixed to SSH instead of SSHD.

How could I create a WD backup from the first WDMyCloud storage to the second WDMycloud storage?

If I read the help how to do so there must come up a window which search for additional WDMycloud storage devices but this option is not available.

So How to create a WDMycloud backup?

Kind regards,

Richard Meijn

Your Single Bay My Cloud is using firmware 2.xx
This device must use My Cloud Mirror or higher as a backup target.


Where does it state that in the advertising, or user manual?

And again: WHY?

@cpt_paranoia the answer to your questions are in the KBA link.

No, I’m asking why WD don’t make it possible to backup from one MyCloud to another.

I think it’s a pretty reasonable customer expectation that they will be able to buy two MyClouds, which claim to support backup to another MyCloud device, and be able to use one device as the backup target of the first.

In other words, why not enable the remote server function on the single-bay mycloud?

Stange that it is not posible to create a backup of this device. I bought previously a WD Mybook live and with this version it is able to create a remote backup.

So I needed extra storage so I bought a second WD device. The WD Mybook live was not available any more so I bought the cloud edition. A normal thing to do with this kinds of storage devices is just create backup’s.
So put it in the new firmware please.

Kind regards,

Richard Meijn

Couple of comments. First its down right stupid to include a remote backup feature but then NOT inform the user either on the Dashboard, on the product box, or in the product documentation that they must use a My Cloud Mirror or better as the remote destination. The v4.x single bay My Cloud can be backed up to another local network location it would be stupid to remove that feature with the newer v2.x single bay My Cloud units.

Second, while I don’t have a v2.x My Cloud, I though it was indicated in a previous discussion that one can select the Remote Server drop down box and change from NAS Server to some other choice. I thought it was indicated that LAN was a choice. If so then choose LAN and see if you can backup to another local network location.

There is still no good answer from WD. Not on my first question and also not how to create a backup with the minir software which is available now.

So hot to make a backup from this storage to an other device?

Kind regards,

Richard Meijn