How to create a back-up / safepoint of the partial WD My Cloud harddisk


I have a 3Tb WD My Cloud disk and a 1Tb WD MyBook attached to it through USB for back-up purposes.

Off course the 1Tb disk is not capable for an entire back-up of the mycloud disk so i want to select a few folders to back-up to the mybook disk. The safepoints function of WD My Cloud seems to only want to back-up the entire disk. Can somebody tell me how to do this partially? 


Read the user manual, , Connecting a USB Hard Drive.


Have you tried drag and drop?


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cat0w (USA)


Drag and drop? You mean like copy-paste? I don’t want to put data on my disk ones. I need a proper back-up system / program with sheduling for the mycloud disk for specific folders. Offcourse i can use the WD SmartWare or any other back-up software via my computer. But what i’m looking for is a way that directy works on the MyCloud NAS disk without intervention of my computer, like the MyCloud Safepoints option. Any ideas?