How to copy movies to shared folder on EX2?

I bought my EX2 yesterday and put two 2TB drives on it. I did all the setup properly I believe, I have configured RAID, I have enabled sharing, etc. etc. But for the life of me I CANNOT figure out how to simply add a movie to a “share” so I can then stream it from a media player connected to my home theater TV. I don’t know if this is done from inside the WD dashboard, if it is done on my Windows 10 PC (outside the WD dashboard)???

Somebody please help. I’m trying to do this all locally on my home network, everything is plugged into the network (no wireless at this point). It should be easy but I can’t get it to work.

Presumably you’ve already created a Shared Folder in the web GUI.
You’ll need to MAP that share from within Windows 10, which will be assigned a drive letter.

Once you open that drive, standard copy/paste procedures apply.

Yes, I’m pretty sure I created a shared folder in the web GUI. Under Shares it came with a Public share and I added one called “Movies.” Can you provide some detailed instruction on exactly how to MAP the shares from within Windows 10?

Yes, unlke earlier versions, the latest and greatest upgrade to WIN 10 won’t let you access the share directly with explorer - you have to map the share.