How to copy files from Live duo to other NAS?

Hi all,

My Mybook Live Duo has served me very well, but it’s time to move on because I’m reaching the storage limit. I plan to format the device to keep it for personal storage, and I’d like to move my videos to a new NAS.

I plan to buy a new Synology DS214Play to put my videos on. Do you guys know of any way to move large files from Mybook Live Duo to another NAS? I know this Mybook has some sort of backup function, but it doesn’t suit my needs. Are there any other WD app’s or tricks to backup large amount of data from NAS to NAS?

Many thx in advance!

If you login to the MBL with a linux terminal (putty), you can mount one device to the other and transfer the files directly from one device to the other without sending the data through your computer.

I’ll give this a try. Thx a lot man!