How to copy data to replacement device


my MyCloud developed a code 0003 error and I’ve received an advanced RMA… How do I copy all of the data/folders/user-info from my dying drive to my replacement drive?



I’m not sure what’s error code 0003 but can you still access the dashboard and shares? If yes just attach a usb drive, enable ssh, and use clients like winscp to connect and copy over your “data/folders/user-info” to your usb drive.

Why not just do a copy paste in windows, Mac from one drive to another?

No need to to bother with usb or ssh if you can access both drive shares from your computer.

Copying from shares will only be able to move data. All user-info and upper level not included. Additionally copying gigs worth of data is way much faster if done internally to a usb3 drive rather than network…

Thanks, so can I plug the replacement MyCloud directly into the back of the dying MyCloud using a standard USB cable? And use windows explorer to move the data?

Should I recreate the existing users on the new drive before doing this? Or will it make no difference?

No you can’t link two MyCloud using a usb cable, those are host only usb3 port. What I meant was to attach a usb3 drive to your old MyCloud, copy what ever you want (data settings) via ssh to it, then plug the usb3 drive into the MyCloud replacement to move the copied data over.

This provided your old MyCloud is still able to ssh into and mount usb drives on /media/whatever_usb_drive_name.

That’s disappointing - in which case I will recreate the original usrs and then just use Explorer to copy stuff across…