How to copy contents of only "Shared Videos" from MBL to My Cloud ....?

I just added a 4TB My Cloud to my network, I would like to put all the contents of the “Shared Videos” folder from my MBL on the MC … I know how to enable SSH and FTP for both drives, however I’m not too savvy on using wget or other commands in putty. I have been able to log into both drives with Putty … I can do a wget -mirror to mirror the drive, but that’s not what I want to do because after mirroring I have trouble trying to delete the files/folders I didn’t want to transfer over. here is what I want to do: (1) Copy all folders and files in “Shared Videos” on the My Book Live to “Shared Videos” on the My Cloud. (2) Delete all folders and files in “Shared Videos” on the My Book Live after I copy them to the new drive. All I’d like to know is how to do this in the Putty terminal, I don’t have the means to connect my laptop directly to my router and I don’t want to do it over wireless because it’ll likely take forever (about 1.8TB) … Can someone help with what commands I need to execute to do this ? btw, I also have used Synctoy (robocopy) in the past to backup items from my MBL to a usb drive on my pc over wireless. Would Synctoy work well if I were to setup a folder pair between the 2 NAS drives and run it ? I’m afraid it will try to route files thru the wireless/pc.


The only supported way of doing this will be to map both drives to the computer and then copy the files manually. But lets see if other users can share some advice.