How to convert a My Book eSATA to act like a My Book AV (DVR Extender) eSATA drive

I have a Motorola DCX3510-M cable TV set top box with an internal 500 GB hard drive for recording. I have a WD My Book AV DVR Extender hard drive to expand the capacity of this unit. This WD My Book AV HD is not longer manufactured but there are other WD My Book hard drives available with eSATA ports. Is there a driver or some pre-formatting that can be done with this unit to make it “look” like a WD My Book AV HD DVR Extender so it will work with my DVR?

I believe it would be best to contact the manufacturer of your DVR about this.

I did that. They show that there are only four external drives that work with this DVR type. What I am asking is to make any external eSATA drive have the same interface or configuration so it appears to look like the My Book AV DVR Extender hard drive to the DVR input.

The DVR maker doesn’t care about modifying any external device that hooks up to it. They have already defined the limited amount of products that can interface with their DVR. That is why I wanted to go the route to alter the the “appearance” of a WD eSATA drive and ask this of the WD Community.

I was hoping that there might be a driver or other executable that would change its eSATA signature.