How to continue a backup with a new computer?

Hi all,

My 250Gb Surface Pro has been nicely backing up to my 2 Tb MyBookLive for some time now. It has allowed me to essentially archive stuff off the Surface and free up space for new stuff.

What was neat was that I could access the “archived” files on the 2 Tb MyBookLive from my wireless network.

I just got a new Surface Pro and I am now stuck, I think.

I want to be able to continue to access those previously backed-up archived files using the WD Smartware software from the new Surface Pro, but they seem to be stuck inside the private backup area and not accessible over the wireless network.

I see that I can restore files from the private WD backup area on the 2 Tb MyBookLive, but I don’t want to have to restore archival files just so I can access them, and also, I have something like 1Tb of archival files on the 2 Tb MyBookLive private WD backup, but only 250 Gb on the new Surface Pro, so this is not even doable.

Help! How do I access those previously backed-up-by-WD-Smartware files without having to restore them?