How to connect WD TV Live to DW MyBook WorldEdition?


is it possible to stream / get media files from WD MyBook WorldEdition (Blue rings version) ethernet drive?



Under Network shares you should see the My Book World (blue ring) listed there. You would need to simply sign in.

Do I need Mionet running on the MyBook? I’ve switched it Off.

WD TV Live can’t see anything shared, except folder which I shared on my PC.


if I have shared **bleep** accessible to everyone).

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Nice - forum’s bot has bleeped almost all my post.

The original question was: “W h e n   I   h a v e   s h a r e d    **bleep** e   s h a r e d   f o l d e r    t h e r e?”

Well, I can’t post anything. Thanks to forum’s admins!

Let just call it share1 since the forum will out bleep it out. Is the My Book World listed under Network Shares? If not then push the button on the front for 10 seconds it should power off. Then plug the power from the back and plug it back in. It might take some time but again should show up under network shares.

Just to let you know - we have made some changes to the filter so you shouldn’t have trouble with the “bleeping” any more. If you continue to have issues please send me a private message or report it in the Forum Feedback board.