How to Connect WD My Book not my book live to router via USB Hub

Hi All,
2 Years ago i buy My Book
The My Book does not have an Ethernet port.I do my work from my laptop while moving a lot from room to room. Still, the WD My Book is a fixed DAS device (Directly Attached Storage), meaning it’s designed to connect via USB to the PC/laptop.
I have Huawei EchoLife HG8045 company router. i’m using that for internet and wifi.

My questions are:

  1. How i connect my book to router?
  2. If i can’t use this router so i have to buy new router?

I waste too much time on this. i have to back up and format my laptop hard disk.
Please help me out. Thanks very much in advance.

You can connect the unit to your router, but compatibility between the two devices is not guaranteed until testing. Some routers do not support USB 3.0 hard drives, and some routers need for USB hard drives to be pre-formatted in a particular configuration like FAT32 (The hard drive is factory NTFS). It would be best to consult your router’s documentation for compatibility info and limitations.