How to connect remotely to myCloud

I have recently purchased wd mycloyd and I was unable to connenct to it from another network. After a lot of digging and trial and error I realised that I did not have “public” ports, so I contacted my provider and they told me that they can unblock around a 1000 ports but I will not have any security. So is this common, have you guys also done this and what do you do to protect your network?

PS: I am a complete rookie in this so do not “burn” me if I am not using correct terms…

Hi Sarraki,

Your ISP is correct, opening ports on your router can result to compromising your system, stealing your data or other stuff. So unless you know what you’re doing it surely not adviseable way of accessing your device. And it’s not supported by WD.

if you’re going to use Windows, Mac or Android (applet) in order to get to remote share from outside your home network, look at solution. You’ll have to register your device there first and once association is done it should become visible and accessible from any place.

Unfortunately with Linux there is no easy solution so far, and I’m also looking for reliable options.