How to connect my net n750 and my book live duo 4? LAN or USB?

How to connect my net n750 and my book live duo 4? LAN or USB?

Hi, you need to connect the my book using the Ethernet cable into one of the my net lan ports, check the link below to see the manual (Page 11). The USB port is to add more space or backup the information in my book.


When you connect  Storage through the LAN, my net n750 does not detect my book live duo as network storage. Tab “Storage” is not filled. :frowning:

It’s not supposed to.  Why would you want it to?

I think it will give some additional features.

I think you comletely misunderstand.

The STORAGE tab of the N750 is ONLY for USB storage.

The N750 isn’t going to provide ANY “additional features” for network-based storage.

I ask again:   What are you expecting the N750 to do for your NAS?

Thank you for your participation. In the summer I bought a NAS, and a few days ago the router. And I found it strange that the router does not recognize WDLD as external storage, although this option is provided. I believe that through the USB data rate would be higher than through the LAN. Thanks to this forum the issue is closed. Storage is connected and normal, stably. Configured storage, archiving, access via WEB-interface. Equipment is operating normally. Not yet set up DLNA, but at the moment it is not critical for me. I am completely satisfied with the purchase. I should add that in Russia MyNetN750 yet available. I brought a convenient opportunity of USA.