How to connect Live Streaming to Live Hub?

I have the Live Streaming Media Player (SMP) and just  purchased a Live Hub. I moved the media onto the Hub, scanned the content, and everything is showing up as expected, ie. thumbnails, metadata, etc. But, I cannot seem to get the SMP to see the metadata on the Hub.

I’ve tried selecting the Hub as a network drive, and also as a Media Center from the SMP. It works ok, but I only get a file list view, no metadata, etc. The video names are showing up as they are physically named on the Hub with no thumbnails, no content info, etc.

Ex. Buffy The Vampire Slayer.S04E10.avi instead of a proper title like Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 4 - 10 Hush (or something like that) It is showing up as the proper title on the Hub.

What is the best way to connect the two? Should I connect to the Hub as a share or using the Media Center option? Should the Media Library on the SMP be enabled or disabled? Etc.

You’re connecting it correctly, but probably lacking key configuration.

In SETUP / SYSTEM / CONTENT INFO… make sure you set it to AUTO so it will IMPORT the metadata that’s on the Hub.

Also, make sure you add the Hub’s share via the SETUP / SYSTEM / MEDIA LIBRARY / MEDIA LIBRARY MANAGER function.

After you do that, on the SMP, change the CONTENT SOURCE to MY MEDIA LIBRARY and all should begin to work.

Thank you! That worked perfectly!