How to connect live media hub to TV with other peripherals

I’ve just got a WD live box for xmas with all connections at back.
Currently have a Phillips TV (Philips surround sound packed up) Samsung Surround Sound DVD player, SKY+ & PS3. TV only has 2 scart sockets (no hdmi) with inputs for cables (yellow, red etc).

  • SKY+ scarted to TV and optical sound cable to DVD surround unit.
  • PS3 cabled to red, white etc inputs on TV and sound ones to surround sound.
  • DVD Surround Sound has a video cable to the output on scart socket on 2nd connection to TV.

All of the peripherals have HDMI bar my tv. I do have a scart switching box, which maybe the only option? Is there anyway of connecting the WD box to it all? I’m a little techy, but some of it confuses me, had to use internet/forum when I got the Samsung DVD player to join it all up.

Yellow, red, white connectors are composite inputs and not suited to HD viewing. You really need component or HDMI to take full advantage of the Live Hub. Sounds like you have a very old TV. If possible, I would update to a newer TV with at least 3 HDMI inputs. You are really crippling your setup by using composite inputs for these devices.

Didnt really answer my question of how the connections between all the units went, but guy in Maplin helped me today, so I’m finally up and running. Had to use scart connection box to switch between box and ps3. Will probably update my tv this year.

Thanks for the advise though much appreciated.