How to connect Hub to PC?

Just wondering how you guys connected your hubs to your PC ?

I have my set up as a network drive but the only folder i can see is the default WDTVLiveHub but there is no hidden folders in it, even with hidden folders on and i already downloaded the legacy theme directly to my Hub.

The hub has no slave-usb so connecting through network is your only option.

Inside the WDTVLiveHub share you should see the following folder and files:

  • .wd_tv (Hidden folder where user templates has to be copied to)
  • Sample Media (Contains 3 folders with sample media)
  • TwonkyMediaServer-log.txt

Additional folders and files are the ones you create.

If you cannot see the hidden “.wd_tv” folder it’s because you haven’t set the show hidden files and folders in advanced folder option.

To be clear, you should see the WDTVLIVEHUB on the “Network” folder in Windows Explorer (just open “Computer” or “My Computer”).

I only use this for:

  • folder creation

  • renaming, moving files

  • transferring videos

*I create DVD ISO images using “passkey lite” and “imgburn” (both free). If you don’t have a USB hard drive to use to transfer, I suggest you use the WIRED (ethernet) to do this otherwise it takes about an HOUR per DVD on the slower wi-fi “g” network (unless you have an “N” router and an “N” adapter getting 20MB/sec plus speeds).

You can do a lot of videos at once and just temporarily move the WDTVLIVEHUB next to your router, hooking it up via an Ethernet cable, copying, then moving it back. You can organize/rename with wi-fi.