How to Connect Home Theater, WD TV Live and Sattelite receiver


how can I connect my new WD TV Live with my sony dav-dz810 home cinema and my sattelite receiver (not HD- Red Yellow White RCA) to my Sony Bravia tv?

I want all audio from all devices to be diverted to my home theater as an output and of course the video to be diverted to my tv.


HDMI to TV and RCA cables to receiver.

Thanks dor your reply, but this is just the way to connect all my stuff to the tv and not the home theater.

There’s no hdmi in in home theater. 

Anyhow…I think I ve figured it out…I will connect WD Live TV with HDMI to tv, and optical audio (TOSLink) to hometheater, the sattelite with scart (or video RCA) on tv and TOSLink to home theater and the home theater with HDMI to the tv.

I haven’t done it yet, but I think it could work! I ll let you know as soon as I get it ready.