How to connect as a "Registered User"?

I just got my book live yesterday and still be stuck around many issues. This one is on the top. 

I have already setup the user name of administrator without password as default. But every time I log on using my Mac Book Air (latest Lion version), it always say that I am connected as guest.  I try to type the name of system administrator but still fail to log onr? I believe this is the issue in connection with many others, such as failure to register my device (

30500 - Internal Server Error), and wd 2go connection failure (error 904), and such. 

I appreciate all your thoughts on this. Many thanks. 

Forget to mention that I can properly download and upload the public drive. 

Dear all, any one can help me?

I’m no Mac expert.  Try disconnect any and all authenticated connection between the Mac and the MyBook Live and then create one authenticated connection using the user name admin.