How to connect another mybook live for mirror backup of my other mybook live

Hi guys, I have just purchases a 3TB MyBook Live NAS and want to add another one to backup everything that is stored on the first one. I did see somewhere that it is possible but can you tell me how to do it.

My setup will be that all pc’s, laptops etc store everything in MyBook Live 1 and then everything backs up on the 2nd MyBook Live. So this means that all  laptops and pc’s will have nothing stored on them so I can wipe them at my hearts desire without losing data etc.



Just create a safepoint on MBL1 that goes to MBL2.

Keep in mind – Safepoints are MIRRORS.   Not Backups, per se.

If you delete a file accidentally, when the Safepoint runs, the file will be deleted on the destination as well.


i purchased one of these, 3TB MBL, and was wondering that if one wants to RAID-1 then we need to purchase another MBL versus just another drive?

guess when i bought this i didn’t realize we couldn’t add a drive to it

You cannot span multiple MBLs together via RAID.

You could get a Sentinel and do that though…

so, basically, one needs to purchase another MBL and do the safepoint function to get a mirror’d setup?