How to configure My Cloud 4100 shares as DropBox-like folders in macOS Finder

I have setup my new NAS. I was told I could setup the NAS up as my “private Dropbox”. It works fine with smb or afp as a server where each My Cloud share is shown as a drive. That is not what I want. Also automatic syncing is not a solutions. I want my files and folders physically either on my Mac or on the NAS (and no copies). Who can help me out?

See the dedicated subforum for the EX2 Series where users more familar with that device may be able to assist.

Also see the user manual for your device if you haven’t already. It will detail how to map a share to your computer and how to setup the various options for your device.

Bennor, thank you for your answer. I went through all these already. At the EX2 subforum there is a similar question, but with no answer. Normal share mapping (smb or afp) works fine; but the way Dropbox is integrated with the Mac Finder is more advanced.