How to combine to map drive on wdshare space or it possible

Hi Chaps

I have a new wdshare space, with 8TB,

It’s finally got formatted after 40 hours with raid 5

The problem I am facing is that the Wdshare has divided the unit into  2 drives. 

Now it’s being mapped as 2 drives download and Public.

Is there a way to combine these 2 map drive in one super block, say public.

I wanted on a superblock on the unit for indexing reasons. 

I do not mind formatting again as one I want only one superblock

Please advise. I have not put anything on the unit

It’s not divided, Public and Download are the default shares bound to the firmware of the SS, it’s not split. You can fill the 6TB (RAID 5 takes one drive out for parity) on the Public folder or the download folder.


it is not like the partitions on the computers harddrive: both “drives” can use the full capacity of the Sharespace.

So if you just want to use one with the 8 TB (with RAID 5 will result approx. 6 TB) just ignore or unmap the other and fill only one. You will enjoy the full capacity.

Hope this helps…