How to clone the recovery partition?

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I have a DELL laptop with a HDD WD Black. The HDD has broken down still under warranty and will go to RMA. My problem is that I need to make a copy of the Recovery partition and then install the new HDD that comes. Someone can help me solve the simplest way this problem is that I have no free HDD and I only have the OS recovery copies.

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One thing that you can try is to get an external enclosure and set a advance RMA so you can have a few days with both drives to transfer the file that you can to the replacement drive.

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I’ve got the “NEW” RMA disk. Service was fast but the FedEx carrier is horrible. Inside the box came an equal HDD that says "RECETIFIED HARD DRIVE, this to me is a record that had problems, my doubt is: to what extent has a WD Black quality so I can sell.

Can me clarify this please

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