How to clone drive to WD SSD (external)


I bought a new laptop and trying to clone it to a WD SSD. The problem with using Acronis is that i can only clone it if the WD SSD is installed internally. Since it is a laptop and only accepts one SSD, i can only attached it via USB.

Is there a way I can use ACronis to clone drive? If not, are there any other option?


If your new SSD is being seen by the laptop while connected on USB Acronis should be able to clone your internal HDD to the SSD.

I always just do a new install of Windows on a new drive, that’s just me. I cloned once and didn’t like the results I got.

I have used Acronis many times in the past with great success. Once, when I had a problem with a clone, and repeated the process several times without success, I tried Macrium and the cloning process succeeded.

I don’t know what the problem was, probably some combination of ???, maybe I wasn’t holding my mouth right, but it worked.

Good luck.