How to Clear PHOTO's Folder from App

Updated to OS5, downloaded new OS5 app, and everything is fine. I was having a major issue with my single drive unit, and had to connect some usb drives to my PR2100 for testing. After doing this, I noticed that my PHOTOS folder on my mobile app seems to have downloaded all my pics and thumbnails of my usb drives. Even when the usb drives were disconnected, the photo’s folder still displayed every picture.

How can I clear/remove this folder? I cannot seem to find it thorugh windows explorer, or through the PR2100 dashboard?


@MaryJaneToker Login to the My Cloud OS 5 AdminUI (Dashboard), clear the “Shares” tab, locate the USB drive share and turn off “Mobile & Web Cloud Access”


I’ve turned “off” all Mobile and Web App access from all showing shares, and yet I still have pictures showing in my app? I have a folder on my google drive filled with wallpaper, and it looks like its pulling pictures from there??

There’s no integration of GoogleDrive API in My Cloud OS 5 at all. You can clear the app cache under Settings -> About screen

Right! So I don’t know where its pulling these thumbnails from, but they are definitely my wallpapers.

I will try and clear the app cache and see if it helps. Thanks SBrown

You can also check the files location under more -> info is the mobile app

  • select the photo
  • tap the … in the lower right side of the screen
  • click info

Awesome Info!

I found where its pulling the pics from. Turns out I have a duplicated folder on my MyCloud desktop app/folder of my google drive folder. I must have made a local copy as well, and somehow its syncing photos from there.