How to clear or delete iSCSIlog.txt on WD Sentinel DX4000?

The file has grown to a huge size (20GB) which is 30% of the C drive. Now the system is complaining it is running low on disk space.

I did some quick Googling, can’t find any information on how to reduce it’s size or if it is safe to delete it.

Anybody had to deal with this issue before?

Thanks in advance.

I “think” it would be okay to delete it. If you have concern copy it to D: first :partly_sunny:

I was thinking about doing that, wanted to ask first see if anybody blew up their system doing that.

We have a similar problem, did you fix it? On our server the file named iSCSIlog.txt is 10.6gb and iSCSIlog.bak is 3.5gb. Can we delete both these files? Thanks