How to check WD Green SATA SSD TBW on Manjaro Linux

I have tried the recommended way in askubuntu, using gsmartcontrol, but I still can’t find the rest of my TBW and Total TBW that I have. How can I see the rest of the TBW that I have?

I’ve tried this command too :

sudo smartctl -Ai /dev/sda | grep -E 'Sector Size|Total_LBAs_Written'

But i can’t get my ‘Total_LBAs_Written’
also this command don’t give me any useful output :

echo "GB Written: $(echo "scale=3; $(sudo /usr/sbin/smartctl -A /dev/sda | grep "Total_LBAs_Written" | awk '{print $10}') * 512 / 1073741824" | bc | sed ':a;s/\B[0-9]\{3\}\>/,&/;ta')"


Please refer to the following KB article : General Information and Features for WD Green Solid State Drives

Then, how do I see the remaining TBW I have on Linux?

Meaning of SMART attributes on ATA is not a common standard, so can be different based on firmware, product, etc. Here is an example WD Green and the SMART definitions from Dashboard software. If you use smartctl to check the values of these attributes they are very likely to share the same meaning on your drive.

That is a screenshot from GSmartControl in my Laptop. Thanks to @LostLinuxGuy , now I know TBW used is in row 241. Now, I need to know how much max TBW I have since I can’t find it on the box or internet.

There is another way if you want to get Total GB Written or Host Written by typing tlp-stat -d in the terminal and the result will show in TB units instead of GiB like in GSmartControl (line id remains the same, which is 241). For max TBW, i just have this from my friend : and a link from @Neha_07. Also thanks for Neha_07

What is the third column name?

WDS240G2G0A data sheet does not list a lifetime in TBW. You should try contacting support to see if they have this data. They have a warranty in years and a MTTF. Here is the data sheet I found on the WD store.

The third column name is Value in the Dashboard screenshot. It is the calculated human-understandable value from the raw data.

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instead of using grep just redirect the output to a text file and post it all