How to check the space/usage on each harddisk?

Hello, I recently bought a mirror and everything works great but one has bothered me.
I don’t know how to check the space of each harddisk since I do not use any raid or JBOD on my both harddisk.
When I access the dashboard, It sums up the free spaces automatically and I really feel inconvenient about that.

How can I check the space or usage of each hard disk?
I don’t mind to use ssh and type some commands only for checking, anyone can help please?

Which mode are you using the MCM in?

RAID1 (the default mode that the MCM ships in) will show the free space on the dashboard. It corresponds to the space on each drive, as the two are mirrored.

For JBOD, the simplest way is to either look at the details of a share on the given drive in the dashboard, as the new firmware now shows it. Or alternatively map the share on Windows (and maybe Mac, I don’t have one) and Windows Explorer (and maybe Finder) will show you the disk capacity and usage under “My Computer”.

For spanning and RAID0 I’m not sure as I’ve never used them, but you could possibly do a similar trick.