How to check my DLNA server?

I’ve just got a Seagate GoFlex Home 2TB NAS drive with built-in DLNA server and a WD TV Live Plus. Both are connected to the same switch. Every file and folder placed in the “Shared” section of the GoFlex will be shared from the DLNA server, but on my WD TV Live Plus, I see only few folders and files.

I’m not sure if this is the WD Live or the GoFlex DLNA server acting up, so what would be a good way to check this? Is there a good software DLNA client for Windows maybe? If such a tool would show me the same subset of files, I would know it’s the server and not the media player…

Updating both devices to latest firmware did not solve anything :frowning:

Any ideas?



Make sure that the files are compatible with the DLNA server.   Certain servers won’t serve all media types, such as MKV, VOB or ISO.

Can you see a pattern among the files that are missing?

Nope, there’s no pattern… but I think it’s working now :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve moved all the non-video files (MP3’s, and a whooole lot of pictures) out of the dlna server, since it will still be accessible through a network share though… So now all movies are showing up on the WD Live. That brought the total of files (note that a DVD mvoie often takes about 6 files) back from about 20,000 to 1,500.

Would there be some limit to the amount of files it (“it” being either the dlna server or the WD Live, as I still don’t know which one was acting up) can handle?