How to change \\Wdmycloud to \\WDMYCLOUD for all attached drives

I have a WDMC 4TB (WDBCTL0040HWT-NESN) with four HDs attached via a USB hub.  Generally pleased with the setup…

For some unknown reason, the “Device Name” or “Location” (as it is called when right-clicking the drive in Win 7 Explorer) of some of the attached drives shows to be “\WDMYCLOUD”, while for others it is “\Wdmycloud”. Mixed/lower case device names are incompatible with WD TV Media Player playlists, which require the NAS name to be in upper case .

By default, the WDMC device name is “Wdmycloud” (why would WD use a NAS name incompatible with WD TV?).  I tried renaming the WDMC  to “WDMYCLOUD”, reattaching the drives, then power cycling the WDMC. But the drives’ locations were unchanged, still the same mix of upper and mixed case.

I’ve searched extensively for a way to force the device name of attached drives to upper case, without success. 

Solutions? Thoughts? WAGs?  Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Hello silphium, what firmware version are you using?

Hello Ichigo,

I’m running firmware v3.04.01-230.