How To Change Thumbnails of Each Episode From Series?

How To Change Thumbnails of Each Episode From Series?

Just got my WDTV Live Hub yesterday, and I’m absolutely loving it!

My one and only problem that I seem to be having at the moment, is being able to change the thumbnail images of each episode from any TV series I have loaded on the internal HDD.

I currently use a program named “ XML Converter for WDTV Live Hub”

Which seems to be the only program that actually works, and is able to get the correct info for the TV series I’m looking to get the metadata for.

After I generate and save the XML/JPG files from the program listed above, I place them into the same folder as the TV series on the internal HDD. Everything works as it should. The show descriptions are there, the year, length, etc. all there, even the thumbnails. It seems after a certain amount of time has passed though, I can’t seem to change the thumbnails for each episode.

For example:

By default, I let the program assign a generic cover for each episode in the season for this series. I then was able to change one cover to a more specific one. Then, when I try the same exact step for the fourth episode in the series, nothing changes at all. The only thing that comes up now, is when I’m actually playing the file, and it shows the progress bar at the bottom.

Like so:

Here are the settings I’m using for the above mentioned program as well:

I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the cache files, and I need to clear them?

Is there a better program out there that accurately grabs metadata for TV shows?

Do I need to use a special program, and convert the JPG image files to another format?

Yes, it’s probably the cache files.

The thumbnail cache is in the hidden .wd_tv folder that the hub itself creates;  you can delete that entire cache and let the Hub rebuild it as you browse.

Delete the cache, then FULLY power-down the Hub (or do a SETUP / SYSTEM / DEVICE RESTART) to purge the MEMORY cache… then let us know how it goes.

Yeah, that was it!

Thanks so much.